Interview with a Blogger

Hi everyone, sorry for my absence! I’ve been sick the whole week and was not in my right mind to write anything. I still have my cough and colds but I feel so much better now.

I was interviewed by a lovely blogger, Annette, for her website. We’ve recently met through this blogger community that we have going on here. She’s been inspiring me and we’re cooking something up this May, so watch out for that.

Know more about me and check out Annette’s piece on me. The interview is a glimpse of a few of my favorite things.

Remember to follow Annette too!

A shout out to Annette, thanks for inspiring me!

Thank you for support! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Interview with a Blogger

  1. I am sorry you were sick hun! You inspire me too my new friend. You are destine for greatness in all you do. I truly believe that. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. The interview went really well I am going to a link up party tomorrow and you can share a post from your blog. I will share the interview. I really liked you seven deadly sins post. Thanks again for everything and the shout out.

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