May J is a twenty something lady looking for her place in the world. She loves dogs and cries when she watches sad movies. She always had a passion with writing but always had an excuse not to do it so she made this blog, hoping it would encourage her to write. She loves writing poems and self-reflection essays, but mostly, she loves chocolates and traveling! But absolutely hates roller coasters although her life is practically one.



She is also absolutely in love with the sea and claims to be a mermaid in the past life. She considers water her element because she is at her most peaceful when her body is being cradled by smooth waves and warm water.

By profession, she does marketing and is currently living in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi. She misses her family back home, her dogs including, but she feels that self-discovery is an important journey. She left her small circle of friends, her crazy family and her sweet dogs to fulfill the promise of soul searching.

She can be a bit emotional, but that’s just her sensitive side.

If you like her posts, follow and comment! If you have any questions, hit up the comment button and she’ll reply as soon as she can.

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You can contact her at mayjtalestrails@gmail.com.

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi May, lovely to meet you, thanks so much for the follow. I’ll be looking forward to exploring your blog as well. Seems we share many of the same loves in life, travel, dogs and chocolates! Happy traveling and keep smiling. Warmest wishes from Australia.

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    1. Hi Miriam, nice to meet you too and thanks for the follow back! I’m excited to read your blog too. Oh, and cheers to the simple things that makes us happy!! šŸ™‚

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  2. Hi May it is me again! Just taking some time in your blog to get to know you better. I follow a lot of blogs but if a blogger takes the time to read my stuff or get to know me or likes my stuff I try and schedule time with them so to speak in their blog. We have a lot in common as far as starting a blog to improve on my writing and I am still trying to find my place in this world but my journey began for me around 4 yrs ago. I have noticed that blogging has empowered me more than anything ever has. You will meet great people and if you take part in blogging events you will also learn a ton about yourself and others. There is a huge blogging event coming this April have you heard about it? Are you going to join? Well, Here is a link


    check it out if you want to join. If you already are or if you don’t want to I am still here and any questions or help I can give you let me know. I am a newbie too but I can find out about a lot of topics on blogging or WordPress if you need. Tata for now….Annette

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    1. I feel so much love here and feel so encouraged when I read what people write. I didn’t expect to actually find a community who shares the exact same passion I had. For a time, I felt isolated because I couldn’t find people, but after this blog, I feel like there’s a special world out there that I am yet to discover. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check out the link and will try to join blogging event. Can’t wait! šŸ™‚

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      1. It will be my first year for the A to Z challenge. I am stoked and be sure you read all the stuff on the site. I am number 615 to sign up! I have a friend Lori Carlson who I have invited as an author to my blog. She has two blogs that she is doing the A to Z challenge on! So, it is a huge way to increase your following. The part of the deal is to look at 5 blogs from that list a day at least. Along with your post. If you join cool. If not follow along with me while I am doing mine. The theme reveal for the challenge is March 31st for those who choose a theme they will use through the whole challenge. It is not required for the challenge to have a theme May….just a way to add another inspiration for your posts each day. Anyway, I am going to get you a link of all the WordPress events available to join. You will hone your writing skills and learn a lot. I dove head first and joined as many challenge’s as possible at first…bad idea got to much to handle and I had to quit some. There are challenges not listed on the Events link I will get you. So when you see posts that say this is part of…..challenge…that post will usually provide a link or a click here to the host challenge and rule’s….Another way to get to know people and increase your following is to go to any “party” “pit stop” get together type of title post you see. I attend most any I see. Check out this post of mine…..


        That is a challenge I do on tuesday’s each week. See the blue or black area that says Jacquiline….or says go here to see more or something like that? That is where you go is here blog each tuesday and post a link back to hers just like I did. It is a small challenge I do…small as in people that do it. It will pick up I am sure. Ok well I am off for now to finish up but I will get you that event link tomorrow….Oh yeah if you want to contact me and it is long or something you kinda are shy about asking like how do you do this or what is this…..go to my about page and contact me form and that puts you directly to my email….Happy blogging hun and your off to a good start!

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      2. Whhooooa! so much to process! But i do like the idea of the A – Z challenge and now that I have you to encourage me, I might do it! Thanks for all the tips. Ill drop you a mail! šŸ™‚

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      3. Here is the event link….check out the menu here and look at postaday promts or daily prompts they post a prompt everyday you can write about. If you like to take pictures look at the photo challenge. This is a good blog to follow. Hugs

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      1. You’re welcome, great to meet you too. Yes, an old fat mermaid, here! And just for you, I need to dig up a couple mermaid poems from my files–shall I link to you when I find and post them?


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