Daily Prompt · Poetry

Eternity of Tomorrows


Years later and I still remember that day with clarity
Her skin covered in soft raindrops as the sky turned grey
She smiled at me and ran to the streets
“Let’s dance in the rain,” she said giggling
I, stupidly and tremendously in love with this woman, hurried after her
We dance and laughed and for the first time, I kissed her
Shivering and cold, I tasted her lips and an eternity of tomorrows

Daily Post: Subdued

Photographer: Unknown

Daily Prompt · Poetry

Flowers of Deceit

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Words were his ally, as it flows from his mouth
like flowers, they were sweet and sensible
Every day I wanted more of him and his lies
like flowers, they were beautiful, but only as long as it lived

His smile was the canvas of his deceit
Flattery was his weapon of choice, he speak no truth
He almost stole my heart, but I saw beyond his smile
A painting of pain and regrets, I don’t need that anymore

Daily Post: Flattery

Photo Credit: Image is Copyrighted by Orva Photography

Poetry · Songs

Where I Stood


The above poetry is inspired by a song called Where I Stood by Missy Higgins. The song is a tale about having to let go of a lover even though she really doesn’t understand why, only that she knows she needs to go for herself. She then tells the lover that someone will love him more than she could ever have.

It’s a beautiful sad yet hopeful song. Listen to it if you haven’t yet.