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Milestone: 100 Posts (say what!?)


Yesterday, apparently, was an important day for my blog. I got a notif from WordPress telling me that my For Our Own poetry was my 100th post in this blog.


To some, this might not be a big deal, but for me, this is a win for my sanity. I’ve stopped writing several times and I make excuses but this milestone, is truly an inspiration.

I first started blogging back in 2008 in Blogger. I was in college then and writing was my way of escaping every day stress of school. When I entered the labor force, I somehow had a case of amnesia and forgot all about my blog. I would still visit it every now and then but I never wrote anything on it. I think my last entry was 2013.

When I moved to Abu Dhabi for a fresh start, I created this blog in April or May. I thought I’d be documenting my adjustment period here and share to the world how its like to live in the Middle East. Unfortunately, a series of writer’s block coupled with laziness and adjusting to my new life led me to abandon this blog for the rest of 2015.

I bounced back this year, in January. It was part of my “new year’s resolution,” Ha! And instead of writing about Abu Dhabi, I started writing poetry and anything that amuses me. But I realized that I can’t keep a blog solely with just poetry because I also like writing prose and short stories and anything really. So basically, this blog is as random as it can be.

I was absent for more than two months in my blog, I’ve only recently returned at the end of August. It makes me feel shameful sometimes, I feel like I’m a failure when it comes to keeping this blog and the blog before this. When someone asks me what I like to do, the first thing that comes to mind is writing, but somehow, I can’t even keep my blog.

So, this celebration of my hundredth post is really a milestone for me. I feel really inspired to write and bare my soul. I don’t call myself a writer, because I’m not yet at that level.

This blog is my open book, whatever you read is a piece of myself and I want to thank everyone who had followed me, liked my posts, commented, those who encouraged me to continue writing, everyone that has stumbled on my blog, for taking care of that piece of myself.

I have made friends here and I found a community of amazing writers that inspires me to write. THANK YOU, it has been truly a privilege to have you as my audience.

Cheers, here’s to more hundreds of posts in the future.


May J


Detoxifying from Facebook

I just deactivated my facebook and I’m having a bit of a panic attack right now. So many scenarios are playing in my mind right now. What are the things I’ll be missing?

By the time you read this, it’ll be a couple of hours since I did what I did (this is a scheduled post). Last Saturday was a turning point for me. I was supposed to write something here, but I didn’t notice that I’ve been in facebook for more than an hour, doing absolutely nothing but scrolling my newsfeed and clicking links here and there.

So, I am trying to detoxify from facebook and see how long I can go without it. I will use these facebook-free days – also, I didn’t deactivate my twitter but I’ve uninstalled it from my phone – to realign some of my goals.

I’ve been trying to write more and I hope that my decision to quit facebook will help that. I also have a few online courses I would want to enroll in and being able to go online and not having facebook as the first thing I’d click would be a big help to focus on this. There are other goals that I need to do – one is staying in touch with my family more often. I connect with them through what’s up and skype, it’s important to make time for them.

Anyway, as mentioned, I need to realign some of my goals. Wish me luck!


The Hiatus

I was swept away by a cute English man and he took me travelling the past two weeks, and that’s the reason why I haven’t been posting anything.

As much as I want to say that, it didn’t actually happened. In fact, what happened is so long off from that statement. 🙂

I was busy with work!!! As a hotelier, being a host of a GM’s conference is equivalent to the Olympics. And in this case, we only had a week to prepare for this Olympics. General Managers, VPs and people from our corporate office came to our property to conduct a special workshop for GMs and trainers. As the Marketing girl, it was my task to write welcome letters, welcome cards, farewell letters and the list goes on. The past two weeks just flew by. I swear, this event stole two weeks worth of my life.

It was the first time in a long time that I got really busy and got involve over an event. I was at every meeting and in every step of the preparation. The thrill of being in a whirlwind of work has never been this exciting. Over the past year, I have been asking myself if I actually really liked working in a hotel, this event just reminded me why I love being a hotelier. It truly is a different kind of adventure.

And even though, two weeks of my life flew by, it was an amazing experience. Working so hard, staying late and coming in early at work, working on the weekends – all the sacrifice was well worth it when the event day came and it was a smooth success.

By the way, it was only a 2-day event, the week before was all about preparations, and this week was all about reports.

Now that is over,  I am hoping to catch up with what happened in the blogosphere. Can’t wait to read everything that I missed!

Hopefully this newly found energy will translate to poetry and essays. 🙂


Interview with a Blogger

Hi everyone, sorry for my absence! I’ve been sick the whole week and was not in my right mind to write anything. I still have my cough and colds but I feel so much better now.

I was interviewed by a lovely blogger, Annette, for her website. We’ve recently met through this blogger community that we have going on here. She’s been inspiring me and we’re cooking something up this May, so watch out for that.

Know more about me and check out Annette’s piece on me. The interview is a glimpse of a few of my favorite things.

Remember to follow Annette too!

A shout out to Annette, thanks for inspiring me!

Thank you for support! 🙂