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Cranes in the Sky by Solange Knowles

I love this song! I don’t know why it took me so long to check out Solange’s critically acclaimed album! Wow. Cranes in the Sky is a soulful song full of emotions and meaning.

Don’t Touch Your Hair is also awesome.

If you haven’t check-out the single, go and listen to it, enjoy your eargasm!

Anyone else loving it?

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Where I Stood


The above poetry is inspired by a song called Where I Stood by Missy Higgins. The song is a tale about having to let go of a lover even though she really doesn’t understand why, only that she knows she needs to go for herself. She then tells the lover that someone will love him more than she could ever have.

It’s a beautiful sad yet hopeful song. Listen to it if you haven’t yet.

Memoirs of the Innocent · Songs

Song for the Rich

Get off work about 4 o’clock
And I’m late again
‘Cause you’ll be here by 6:30
And we’ll go looking for a close parking spot again

Sitting in a room full of believers
Now you tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
‘Cause I look over at you baby,
You got your good intentions focused so tight

And now it hurts me so, to have to see you go
To watch these drugs pull you down
When there’s nothing we can do and no one to get through
Watch you fall in and out of this mess

What’s wrong with a little bit of experimentation to
Open the eyes of the new generation well…
Build your world on a cocaine foundation and
Watch it all blow away…

And now it hurts me so, to have to see you go
To watch these drugs pull you down
When there’s nothing we can do and no one can get through
Watch you fall deeper into this mess

Well I haven’t see you in awhile
You know I, I miss our talks I miss your smile
‘Cause the look of innocence is priceless
But right now you look so lifeless

And now it hurts me so, to have to see you go
To watch this song break you down
And when you feel you can’t get through and there’s no hope left in you
You know I’ll be right here to help you find your way out…

And now it hurts me so to have to see you go,
To watch these drugs pull you down….



I want to share this song by Tristan Prettyman. It talks about drug addiction and I find it very powerful and very apt in today’s era where drugs are being packaged as “cool” or “hip” by the youth. This song is written from a perspective of someone witnessing the deterioration of a person’s personality because of drugs.

The thing about addiction is that it doesn’t just affect the user, it affect’s everyone within the user’s circle. It breaks families and leave people damaged.

It takes so much strength to quit drug addiction – or any kind of addiction at that. The moment the person decides to stop is already a huge step up. And this one’s for those who are recovering and sober – cheers to a new life.


Skinny Love

Skinny Love


I have been slightly obsessed with Bon Iver’s Skinny Love. I’ve always had an affinity with song lyrics that make no sense and so much sense at the same time. When you read the lyrics for the first time,  you get confuse and you don’t really know what you’re reading.

And then, you hear Justin Vernon, the vocalist, singing it and you hear the melody and out of nowhere, you see it, what it means, like a switch has been turn on. And all you want to do is to devour each word and phrase and take it apart, one by one and putting it back together again; and wonder, how the hell did anyone think of such a brilliant way of saying I love you but we need to let go?

Here’s a bonus, Birdy’s version of Skinny Love is hauntingly beautiful.