Soul Sisters

This one is for you, I miss you dearly!


For all the times you had my back

For all the times you let me talk even though you were obviously studying, you saved me so many nights of meanderings

For all the times I asked you favors although I could have done it myself, you showed how much you cared

For all the times you made me smile, when I thought I won’t be able to, you unknowingly gave me light in a dark day

For all the times you told me I was beautiful in my ugliest days, you made all my insecurities fade to oblivion

For all the times you held my hand, whispering words of comfort in my ears, you were by my side all through whatever shit I was in

For all the times you laughed with me, you made days gone by easier

For all the times you were with me, thank you for all the memories – I will never be able to quantify how much you mean to me


We saw each other’s easiest and most difficult self and we stuck with each other. I miss you dearly but I know our hearts are in the same basket, beating with the tunes of our dreams and each other’s support.

So for this year, cheers to the present of who we are and where we are! Cheers to the future, of who we will be and wherever we might be. Cheers to the past that gave us so much lessons and experiences.

Cheers, to you Rhea, for being a great person in totality. You deserve nothing but happiness and contentment in life. I feel so blessed to have our souls intertwined. Thank you, happy birthday love!


May J