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Thursdays are for the Deadlines



Today was a crazy day at work and I just want to express that. My head has been pounding for some time now but I refuse to take medications. I’m a strong believer of mind over matter. 🙂

I’m now in bed after ten hours of work with deadlines to catch and  basically everyone coming into my office to let me know they have last minute requests. I work in Marketing and “last minutes” are the number one words in our vocabulary. It happens so much that it becomes the norm, and I absolutely detest it. Sadly, it’s part of the job. 😦

Basically, I’ve been slogging the whole day and needed a breather. And even though my head is aching like crazy, I’m still staring at my computer, writing (even though I’ve stared at my work PC basically the whole day). I should really take a rest. Help!

And for those of you who have not read my “About,” I work in the Middle East, in Abu Dhabi specifically. So Thursdays are our Fridays, and because it’s the last day of the week, all the requests come rushing in on this particular day.

And so now, to relax myself, I’ve turned on my Bon Iver playlist, because Justin Vernon is a celestial god who graced Earth with his presence and music. If you’ve not heard of his ethereal voice, do yourself a favor and go to YouTube now. 🙂

It’s kinda weird how I was writing this entry and  opening up another tab to find out that today’s daily prompt is “slog.” WEIRD!


8 thoughts on “Thursdays are for the Deadlines

    1. Damn, that cover still makes me teary eye. I love his originals, Re:
      Stacks is probably my favorite. But im so glad i found another Bon Iver fan, I feel like not a lot knows him and he deserves more. Hahaha 🙂


      1. It’s a free Internet music service. You plug in an artist, say Bon Iver, and then it plays that music along with similar artists. If you don’t like a track, you tell it. You modify your own station to play what you like. I listen to it all the time. Have several stations for different moods.

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