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When I Write

o-woman-writing-facebookDo you think you’re a different person when you write?

When I write, I feel like I become a different person, someone who is removed from my usual daily self. I become an observer of my actual self, and from there I draw inspiration for most of my works.

There is a vulnerability that I feel when I write. I am no longer me – I become someone whose soul is stripped naked for my own examination. Each emotion, whether it is happiness, sadness, anger or pain is under the scrutiny of the writer in me. I try to translate these complicated feelings into words but sometimes, it is an exhausting journey. It’s like chasing the ends of the horizon, no matter where you go, there will always be that thin line where the sky and earth kiss. It’s the same with words and emotions, sometimes; there are just not enough words. When this happen, the writer in me just stops and I transform back.

I guess this explains why for the longest time, I never marked my works with my own name. It’s not that I feel remove from it, rather, I feel like it is a different part of me that have mustered up the words to create poetry or stories or whatever it was that I worked on.

Recently, I’ve started to inked my name on my poetries, and it feels weird for me. I now understand why some people prefer to mark their works under a different name. Some of the world’s best writers have at one point stamped a pen name under their work. I can’t speak for them, but maybe, just maybe, they felt the same way that I did.

Well, this is a segue but I’ve also now understand what Beyonce meant when she said on stage, she was Sasha Fierce. Maybe we all have different personas, I don’t know. All I know is that when I write poetry, I give some of my biggest secrets to the world. My poetry is the stripped versions of me, the one that not everyone sees or meet.

So, have you ever felt like you transform to be someone else when you start writing?

17 thoughts on “When I Write

  1. Well put and beautifully written! Bowie crafted a career through personas and paved the way for many others. There is definitely something liberating with writing, it wrenches us out of the familiar so we may assess it from a new perspective. And in doing so hopefully learn something new about ourselves.

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    1. Thanks David! It is truly liberating, especially when I get to dive into a world that is totally my creation. The art of writing is beautiful, and I truly admire those who are able to comprehend what they see, think and feels into words.

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  2. Wow ! This is indeed a thought in my mind as well. I feel like a different person, residing in a different world. And it sure feels weird to use my own name as the signature. Hence use a pen name to probably hide the identity or feel more connected with the content written by me.

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    1. I feel the same way. It feels weird to me seeing my name right after my work. And after everyone’s comment, I am now assured that I am not alone. Hahaha I think its time for me to create pen name and make this persona real. And you’re right, I think the key term is connection, between the content and the writer within us.

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  3. I’m more open in my writing; I show more of myself than I do at any other time. I don’t use my own name and no one I know is aware of my blog. I feel I’d somehow edit it if they read it and therefore my writing wouldn’t be genuine. Love how enthusiastic you are about writing – I feel the same 🙂

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    1. Yeah, i feel some degree of vulnerability when I write. We’re the same, only very few and chosen friends (3 actually) knows the existence of my blog, I feel very conscious about it.

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