Daily Prompt



I once loved a man whose eyes and hair were brown
I loved his ability to make me laugh and smile
He would always make an effort to be around
That was him, that was just his style

I once knew a man whose brown hair was short
He had a heart bigger than the ocean
I floated within that sea of love until it hurts
Like all things left in the water for too long, I drowned

I remember his brown eyes and the way it lights up
But also the way it frowned and glared
They were beautiful when they were happy
And hurtful when they were angry

I learned that sometimes, we drown but survive anyway
And all we can do, is try to remember that feeling
Of grasping air, those painful claws in our throat
So we don’t drown again, because we don’t need that pain


Inspired by yesterday’s Daily Prompt: Ancient. This one talks above a once good relationship that turned sour, an ancient history of two people.


Photo Unknown c/o Google

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