Daily Prompt · Memoirs of the Innocent

Shadows and Monsters


Last night was the first time, in a long time, I slept with the lamp lights on. Monsters, they come in different forms, and always, they leap from the shadows. Unexpectedly, just when you thought you’re safe, they come out.

When sleeping, I prefer the dark, but last night was different. In the shadows, I could see the monster, one that has always been creeping behind the curtains. I’ve always known it was there, but it never showed itself until now. And just like that, the nightmare comes to life.

I drank a glass of vodka to calm my nerves. By midnight, my eyes were finally tired, from all the crying and my brain is trying to shut down. In the comfort of the small light from the lamp, I fell into a dreamless sleep.

At 2AM, the monster woke me up with a shake. A chill in my body pass through me, I turned off the AC, I stood up, but it didn’t go. I looked at my phone to check the time. Just two hours of sleep. I feel myself, no fever, but my bones were cold, from my shoulders down to my toes. I almost cried again but I stop. I will survive this night. I waited once more for sleep to come.

It was 7 the next day, the monster was still there. I thought I would open my eyes and it’ll be gone, but it’s not. It lurks behind my shadow, I feel it in my shoulders sitting. I see it when I close my eyes.

It won’t win. Sometimes, we need to face our greatest fears for reasons we won’t know until we win. I won’t let it win. I’ll light a candle to make amends of all the versions of me and pull the strength I have to win this battle. Because monsters, they belong under the bed, the outside world is not for them.


Daily Post: Candle

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