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The Good Karma


I’ve always loved the word Karma. It’s short and simple, but it has a totally complex meaning – and a very deep one. Whether you believe in karma or not, its rule is basic and comes in different terms.

One of the more famous is

What comes around, goes around

But my personal favorite is the quote, “what you give is what you get.” One of the things that my parents taught me when I was younger is that whatever I give, it will come back to me ten times more. And that lesson still resonates to me and I truly believe that if I give something, without prejudice, it would come back to me in a better form.

This is the best form of Karma and I want to be able to live in a way that this karma follows me. It’s a matter of principles and if people only believe that whatever they give out to the universe comes back to them, we will have a better world.

One of the things I do is giving out positive energy around me. This hugely affects me and the people around me. And because the people around me can see all the positiveness, I can avoid a bad day. It’s a simple thing, I try my best to do that.

It’s like being in a bank. Whatever you deposit, it will be what you will be withdrawing. And if you’re only depositing bad attitudes and negative criticisms, you won’t be withdrawing smiles and thumbs up.

There are other ways of giving out without physically giving something. Be generous of your smiles, of your compliments and mostly, be generous to your self. Look in the mirror and give a shout out to yourself. It will immediately make you feel better.

So let’s make this world a better place in our own by remembering karma, whatever we give, is what we will get.


This post is inspired by today’s prompt, generous.


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