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Writer’s Block: A Perplexing Occurence

It is truly perplexing when one cannot conjure the right words to write their thoughts.

They call it writer’s block, and yet we all know that the “voice” inside us is still alive and humming a song.

And the words are there, jumbled in our mind waiting to be written yet we stare at a blank page with a huge question mark.

How? Why? Help!

So sometimes, we stop and look around. I have a theory that “writer’s block” is our mind encouraging us to pause and enjoy the view, because something is going to happen and it doesn’t want us to miss it.

For some, it will take a moment, others it will take day or two, weeks, maybe even years, but no matter how long it is, just keep listening to that voice.

Cheers to those moments of vacancy and whatever the perplexing reason behind it.


Daily Post: Perplexed


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