Daily Prompt

They Tell You


You hear them talk and they slide their views as if it’s a fact
Don’t let the media shape your opinions just because they give you graphics
Go and seek the truth, listen to the other side
Don’t let their big words make you feel small
Because they’re just words and sometimes,
Words, they fail us

They tell you about religion
They tell you about race
They tell you about colors
They tell you about a “united nation”

But they never tell you about life
And the lost of it, and I don’t mean the physical death
Because there are those who breathe
But are so scarred, they’re never going to live again

So go be a radical
The adjective, not the noun
Defined as
“characterized by departure from tradition,”

Detached yourself from the mainstream
And for once, think about what’s happening
There’s a crisis out there
And everybody is turning a blind eye
So blind, it hurts

Daily Prompt: Radical


4 thoughts on “They Tell You

      1. Exactly. I totally agree. Sometimes the information given can be utterly wrong as well.What matters is that this information goes out to the general masses and leads them to false impressions about certain things.
        One should rather frame their own viewpoints.

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