Memoirs of the Innocent

Anxiety Sits in my Shoulders



This is how my anxiety feels like. It’s always shortness of breath, it’s always that sinking feeling. It feels like anytime, the world would go dark and I won’t be able to see light again.

It manifests differently with each individual and it is triggered differently too. Mine is when I’m at a crowded place. My friends used to laugh at me about it, but they finally realized I was serious. I just can’t be in crowded places. I literally have to take one of my fingers close to my nose, just to assure myself, that I am indeed breathing. It’s not easy, but I make the best of it.

I’m still lucky, I consider mine as mild, very mild in fact. And I am taking steps to overcome it, someday, I’ll fight it off.

It’s an invisible monster that sits in my shoulders, bidding its time to whisper fear in my ears. I won’t let it win and to those who suffer the same thing, don’t let it win too.

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6 thoughts on “Anxiety Sits in my Shoulders

    1. Hey Aria, thanks for the advice. I never actually thought of it that way. I always felt like it’s an enemy waiting to jump at me in a dark corner, but thinking of it as a “friend” might actually help. 🙂

      Thank you, really!

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