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Summer of the Past


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Dear Summer,

Memories of your warm sunshine run through my mind, catching me off guard. How I used to enjoy you with simple smiles as I dance barefoot by the river side. You whisper words of freedom and innocence. I walk down memory lane, and I see myself as I child, running through the field, arms stretch, head high, laughing in euphoria for the simple joy of experiencing you.

My not so graceful self slipping in the river, the music of my very own laughter while I lay in the sand of the beach and a picture of me dancing in the occasional rain –these are a few things of why you will always be my favorite.

Oh Summer, you have come and gone. Those were the days, enjoying you will never be the same when I was ten. The coming summers of my life will be filled with daydreaming and reminiscing and maybe a day or two on the beach. I will find other ways of enjoying you.

I’m here again, staring at the rain and nostalgia floods me as I wish for sweet sunshine amidst the cold damp wind. You have seen me for who I was and for who I have become, I miss you the way I missed running through that field.

The summers of my past are a picture of memories that I keep in the safest part of
my heart.

Daily Prompt: Whisper

When I was younger, I used to live in a small house right beside a river. The moment you go out, you’ll hear the gentle stream of the river. So much of my childhood was spent in that body of water; my cousins and I would go out during summer time and have a blast playing with the water. It would be a family affair; we’ll grab some food and spend our mornings there.

I really miss those days. I haven’t been back to that old place since, I can’t even remember anymore.

In my old blog, I used to write a letter dedicated to summer every year. This letter was the very first piece I wrote, I brushed it up a bit though. Today’s prompt reminded be of this work. I hope you enjoyed it, and what was your most wonderful childhood summer memory?


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