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The Flaw – Disappointment


We grieved over expectations not met and this is what makes disappointment a unique emotion. Over the course of our lives, we try our best to figure out the right labels we use for certain emotions that we feel.

When we get angry, we lash out.

When we get sad, we cry.

When we’re happy, we laugh, smile or even cry.

And when we get disappointment, it’s a mix of a little bit of everything – except happiness of course. Also, we react in different forms depending how a person cope with what happened.

I think that disappointment is an emotion that reveals a person’s flaw. It puts assumptions out in the open that sometimes we never even realize we have until that assumption is proven wrong. This place us in a situation that reveals our expectations and there in lies our flaw.

The thing is, when we do something for other people, we expect them to do the same for us.

“Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

But, each person has a different spectrum of expectations, and sometimes, two people or a group people are just not on the same plane. We can’t really blame the other party for not reaching the bar – when sometimes, we don’t even know we had that bar in the first place.

We all get disappointed, I get disappointed. It took me awhile to really connect with that emotion and to at least get a grasp of understanding it. I’ve learned that sometimes, the amount of investment we put in a relationship is not the same amount the other party puts in.

And that’s okay, or at least I think it is. After a string of disappointments, a friend offered a very good advice:

Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

No expectations included. And yet, I’m flawed, no matter how many times I repeat that mantra to myself, there’s always a little bit of expectation somewhere, but this mantra does help in coping with the disappointment if it comes to that.


Daily Prompt: Disappointment


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