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Being Iridescent



We’re all iridescent in one way or another. When we are hit with the right light, we change our glows, to something brighter. What we need to do is find that right light to reach our souls and shine on it like never before.

Sometimes, for those who are lucky enough, the light finds them and often times, we seek for it. Eventually, when we are at a point in our lives when we are ready to embrace something new, the light comes naturally. Epiphany sets in and we realized, we have been liberated – even though, we were never caged from the start.

When we find ourselves in path of uncertainties, remember to be true to yourself. The answers will come when you dig deep within yourself, be genuine and let the iridescence part of you glow. Let light smash into it to create a burst of colors not just for you but for those who have been by your side.

There’s only one you and nothing beats an original.


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