Daily Prompt · Poetry

Fairy Tales Don’t Exist


She had always hope that someday, she’d be able to run away.
Run away from all the mess and the ties and knots
that holds her back from seeing beauty in its natural form

She once read a fairy tale, one that speaks of magic
and another world where she could escape,
so she opens the big wardrobe her mother had
steps in and wait for the doorway to open,
but it never did.

So she sits there, in the dark
She listens to his screams and banging
and she hears her crying, begging, saying her sorry

Now, she stares at the closet, old and worn out
It creeks as she open it, like its about to tell a secret
Fairy tales don’t exist, and she stares at the skeleton
Buried in the small cramped dark space, of stories untold
of tears that were never shed and sorrys that were never heard


Yes, it’s the Narnia Wardrobe. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Closet


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