Detoxifying from Facebook

I just deactivated my facebook and I’m having a bit of a panic attack right now. So many scenarios are playing in my mind right now. What are the things I’ll be missing?

By the time you read this, it’ll be a couple of hours since I did what I did (this is a scheduled post). Last Saturday was a turning point for me. I was supposed to write something here, but I didn’t notice that I’ve been in facebook for more than an hour, doing absolutely nothing but scrolling my newsfeed and clicking links here and there.

So, I am trying to detoxify from facebook and see how long I can go without it. I will use these facebook-free days – also, I didn’t deactivate my twitter but I’ve uninstalled it from my phone – to realign some of my goals.

I’ve been trying to write more and I hope that my decision to quit facebook will help that. I also have a few online courses I would want to enroll in and being able to go online and not having facebook as the first thing I’d click would be a big help to focus on this. There are other goals that I need to do – one is staying in touch with my family more often. I connect with them through what’s up and skype, it’s important to make time for them.

Anyway, as mentioned, I need to realign some of my goals. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Detoxifying from Facebook

  1. Reblogged this on seashell640 and commented:
    Well.. I am in process of detoxifying myself from facebook too… When i first started off on fb i was like a kid in candy store.. Sharing stuff , posting stuff .. But slowly slowly it seemed as if fb was draining my energy. After couple of years i notice many news on my newsfeed would irritate me too much. I mean these stuff which can be ignored i felt a compulsion to respond. I hated the fact that people seemed too close to me and my comfort.. Guess i work to the fact that need a break and see to things that really matter …


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