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Newspaper: The Family Business

News was supposed to be my future
I’d hang around the idea
Until I realized I have a choice
They made sure my life was smoother
That I can be anyone I want to be
They worked hard enough so I can have a voice
And follow my dreams
To be a ruler of my destiny

Once again, today’s Daily Prompt: Newspaper hits close to home. There is a reason why I write, I got it from my Mom. My parents business is, newspaper! Yep, my mom publishes a community newspaper back home. Mind you, she rose from the ranks. She started from the bottom – a reporter to senior reporter to editor to editor-in-chief – until finally, she and my dad decided to fund their own newspaper.

It wasn’t easy, financially. I knew my parents didn’t have much and they had to scrape all of their savings in order to chase their dreams. It was a calculated risk, in the expense that they might end up with nothing – with five children.

In my parent’s relationship, my mom is the brain and she was confident enough they could deal with it. I wish I had half the balls of my mom, because she’s absolutely amazing. We had nothing, the newspaper started with four pages – four pages – as in just two pages back-to-back! But, we all have to start somewhere.

I have always admired my parents courage and their defiance against society’s boxes. My mom is a college dropout – she got pregnant early – and my dad has a degree in Animal Science. They once lived in a far flung town to manage a ranch. It’s so far and unknown, that I’ve only visited the place once. They’ve also haven’t been back to that place since.

You cannot imagine, even I cannot imagine, the hardship that my parents went through. It’s always just stories because when I got old enough to be conscious of things, the newspaper was already making money and was able to sustain us. I still remember living in a small hut house before we moved to a bigger apartment and then finally owning our own house.

It was also hard for us – their children. It took me awhile to get used to the fact that my parents were never gonna be able to attend all these teacher-parent meetings. And, during my primary (elementary) graduation, they were late and my teacher had to be the one to go up to the stage to give me my medal. In high school, same story – they missed my big moment too. But those are the sacrifices I had to deal with and the sacrifices they had to make. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them too, missing out on all these important milestones, I never took it against them. Every now and then, I’d use it to emotionally blackmail them into giving me something – hahahaha 🙂

My parent’s story has always been an inspiration. There is just no excuse for me because, my parents had all the excuses in the world but they didn’t give up. Instead, they push and push until the universe took notice and helped them achieved what they were meant to be.

I am who I am now because of them. The poem above is inspired by their story. I have a degree in Communications because the plan was for me to take over the business, but my mom have always encouraged me to follow my dreams. They made sure that I can follow my dreams by working very hard and they wouldn’t want to me to get tied down just because they want me to take over the business. I’m really grateful for that, I appreciate that they are willing to let me go and discover myself – a privilege they never had.


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