Memoirs of the Innocent

Day 5 of Nature Photo Challenge

I’ve never been an adventurous person. I hate, as in absolutely hate roller coasters. The thought of riding into one makes my palms sweaty already!!!!!!!!

But, time and again, I let my hair down. For this Photo Challenge in promoting Nature and Philippine Tourism, I’m taking you a bit closer to my home town.

Day 4 – The Zipline at the Agas-Agas Bridge

The Agas-Agas bridge is the tallest bridge in the Philippines, situated in the southern part of a tiny island called Leyte (which happens to be where hometown is too). Some brilliant mind came up with the idea to build a zipline near the cliff of the bridge, because why not!?

The Zipline is one of the longest in the country. It might not show in the photo below but I was hell scared and needed some pep talk to get into position. And mind you, this was my second time visiting the said attraction. When I go home, I’d love to come back to this place.

Zip Line


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