Daily Prompt · Poetry

Side Note

When did I become a side note?
A piece of hurriedly scribbled words
You don’t bother to read anymore
Written at the foot of a fresh crisp page.

When did I become a side note?
A misplaced hazy memory
Of what was and has been
Printed in blurry fonts

When did I become a side note?
Was it the moment I left,
Or when you decided you couldn’t wait?


If I could, I would pour my heart out in today’s Daily Prompt. The universe really has a way of telling you things will be ok. I was in a very sad and lonely place last night and this morning. I didn’t know what I felt until I glimpse of today’s word: Misplaced.

I wrote the first stanza of this poem this morning. I feel misplaced right now, my being, my existence. I don’t know where I can fit myself after being gone for more than a year. I never felt nervous about going home, until now.

But, I’m looking things at a more positive light. I don’t know how, but I am. I am so tired of feeling left out. It’s already hard having to miss memories I could be a part of and yet I’m not. I don’t need another slap in my face.

After reading the word misplace, I realized that even though I feel misplaced right now, this feeling won’t last. I know, that someday, I will reach the place where I’m supposed to be and then, I won’t feel so misplaced anymore.


9 thoughts on “Side Note

  1. You aren’t alone. We all go through stages like that and they are a struggle. But you will come out the other side, stronger and more sure of yourself than ever before. Keep up the beautiful poetry, it’s a balm for the hurt 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kim! I spoke with a much older friend about it and she told me not to take it personally because it does happen and that, like you said, we all go through it. This poetry has helped me heal too, and so did your comment. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. You’re welcome, May. Those feelings – of being lonely, lost, forgotten, replaced etc – pop up in life from time to time. Talking & writing about your feelings will help, as you’ve discovered. You will be okay. The clouds always clear … 🙂

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