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The Seven Nature Photo Challenge

One of my friends in facebook challenged me to post seven nature photo, one for each day. It shouldn’t be just an ordinary nature photo, it should also be promoting Philippine Tourism.

My country is filled with natural beauties, from beaches to mountains to rivers and the list goes on. I am a certified beach bum, so many of my trips is to beach destinations. Not much for hiking, but a lot of the time, hiking to the Philippines lead to beautiful waterfalls or caves.

I’m on my day 3 already, and what more to promote Philippine tourism but show my photos on an international audience!

Day 3 of Nature Photo Challenge



Welcome to Isla de Fuego, aka, Siquijor! Unspoilt beaches, mystical sceneries, amazing people plus, the legends that we hear about this province just add to the adventure! This is Cambugah Falls and Paliton Beach. Siquijor was my top 1 Philippine destination until I visited El Nido, and it went down to second place.

This quaint province is stunning. It was named Isla de Fuego – Island of Fire – because when the Spaniards first saw the island, it gave off an eerie glow, brought about by fireflies. You will be swarmed with fireflies at night in Siquijor and nothing beats this combination: stars, beach, fireflies. Picture that!


Day 2 of Nature Photo Challenge

Kalanggaman Islan

This is one of the sides of Kalanggaman Island (Bird Island), located in a small town in the Central Eastern part of the Philippines. This photo was taken about five or six years ago. Back then, only a few people know about the island, nowadays, it welcomes hundreds of tourists every week, including a cruise ships.

The island is small and you can go around it in about an hour. This is a rocky part of the island, and the beach side of it is just heavenly. It’s also one of my favorite beaches in the Philippines.


Day 1 of Nature Photo Challenge

Pineapple Plantation

I started the photo challenge with a photo of a pineapple plantation in my hometown. Not a lot of Filipinos know that Ormoc City (my hometown) is also home to one of the sweetest pineapple in the country. This plantation goes on for miles and miles. You can take part in the harvesting – if it’s harvest season, also, in the Philippines, climbing coconut trees to harvest fresh coconut is a common activity. We drink fresh coconut water, it’s a very fun activity too.


So far, those are my photos. I am no photographer and a lot of my photos are from my phone, I know they’re not the best quality, but truly, the Philippines is such a beautiful place to visit. 🙂


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