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Emerald City & The Man in Red Cloak


Dorothy finally reached the end of the yellow brick road. She was astounded with all the green she saw. There were glass buildings made of gold and emerald. Towers so tall, they gleamed up in the sky.

“Oh, it’s beautiful here!” She said.

“I’m scared,” said the Cowardly Lion, holding tight to her back

“Oh, now , now Lion, there’s nothing to be scared of. It’s a beautiful city, is all there is,” said the Tin Man.

“Let’s Go!” the scarecrow said as he steps into the city of brilliance.

As the four mismatched travelers walk into the Emerald City to seek what they desire most, a young man in red cloak stared down on his windows. He saw the wind brushing the blue dress of an unfamiliar face. Her braided hair dance as she sways. He has never seen such delicate and exquisite being. He knew then that he must meet this creature.


The four travelers walked into the city and stared at awe of the glints and sparkles everything gave off!

“Oh Toto, look at all these things, aren’t they magnificent!?” Dorothy said, cuddling the dog into her arms.

“Where is the Wizard?” The Tinman asked, looking sideways.

“There,” said the Cowardly Lion, pointing on a tall tower that loomed over the city.

“It must be the Palace!” said the Scarecrow.

“Yes, now all we have to do is find it!”

The travelers walked towards the tower that say saw. As they step nearer to the tower, they began to realize that it was only a part of a bigger castle. The castle was situated on top of a hilltop, overlooking the whole city.

They have no doubt that this is where they will find the Wizard. The Wizard who will give them what their heart desires.

Dorothy was nervous, she held Toto tightly in her arms. Everything was amazing in the city. The creatures have been friendly and no one has harmed them, they were given safe passage. She looked around her, she has grown close to her companions. She will be devastated to part with them, and yet, Kansas is her home. She does not belong here, where witches exist, and scare crows are alive and flying monkeys! No, she belongs to Kansas.

Dorothy was so preoccupied, she didn’t notice the man in red cloak following them. She did however noticed a fleck of red from the side of her eyes several times but didn’t think anything otherwise.

The above story is inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Green.

I love how daily prompts really brings out the creative juices in me. A simple word such as green, and the first thing I thought was emerald, that eventually led to Emerald City. This is purely fiction and the above might not be exactly correct from the characters/stories I borrowed from The Wizard of Oz.

This is part 1 and I’m looking forward to adding more of the story and tell you more about the young man in red cloak. Unfortunately, it’s past my bed time and need to retire to bed! Watch out for tomorrow’s sequel!


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