Daily Prompt

Get out of my Dreams

I think that it’s unfair for you to interrupt my dreams, for you to show your handsome smile and your tantalizing eyes in my personal space.

It’s unfair how you make me so giddy, how you make me smile, how everything seems to be right in my dreams.

It’s not right that you hold my hand and whisper stories of hope and promises in my ears.

And it’s definitely wrong whenever you kiss me, and how my lips quiver anticipating yours to touch mine.

You leave me with jello legs every time you wrap your arms around me while gazing down at me with your brown eyes.

Your brown eyes that reminds of a terrain we once conquered together, when you held your hand to help me up.

Your brown eyes, they remind me of earth and everything good it has provided me.

Stop it, get out of my mind. Get out of my dreams.

It’s unfair that I wake up only for reality to crash me into a thousand pieces. It’s unfair how love I feel in that world and how lonely I am when I wake up because you aren’t here , beside me.

This is the price I have to pay for choosing me. Soon, you’ll fade away and you’ll be nothing but a distant memory.


Daily Prompt: Price


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