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The Mystic River (Daily Prompt: Flow)

Today is my first day trying the Daily Prompt. Today’s word is FLOW, and so, here it goes.

The Mystic River


There, inside the deep dark woods is said to be a river, flowing silently, clear as crystal and smooth like satin.

It rests in the middle of a clearing where the grass sees the sun, and light gives grace among the wild flowers growing by the river side.

It has a reputation of immense beauty and power, and legends and stories surrounds the mystic river.

It has been said that the river flows from a spring nestled underneath a big old oak tree somewhere in the forest.

Long ago, lovers have bathed in the river, undress each other and filled their thirst for lust and love.

Legend say that the river flows to a lake, where it remembers the lovers that bathed in the water.

It remembers the feeling of love and there it would stay forever.

So lovers sought this clearing, hoping that it would make their love last, praying to the Gods that the river will fill them with happiness.

Two lovers wanted to fulfill this legacy, forbidden by their stature in society, they eloped to the river.

The young maiden, overwhelmed with joy of finally being together, slipped from a stone and met her death in the river.

A howling sound from a weeping man was heard from the forest, screaming a woman’s name for her body was never found.

The young man was never seen again, it is believed that he had offered his self to death, fulfilling a promise to his young maiden of togetherness.

And so, from being a mystical river, it became a cursed one, where the soul of weeping lovers roamed the water.

No one dared to go to the woods again, and as time pass by, the grass grew taller, the trees thicker and the woods darker.

Should you find yourself in the middle of a clearing, by a river, bathe in its glory, the lake only has faint memories of love but it still seeks it, so fill it with all the love you have.




5 thoughts on “The Mystic River (Daily Prompt: Flow)

  1. Yahoo!!! I am smiling you did so good you know exactly how to express how you feel about flow!!! That is the idea of any challenge. Express how you feel in a way that you feel inspired to do so. What I like here is you could have just left it with the picture. But, you choose to go further and write a wonderful post. I hope you enjoyed yourself and can see the benefits of these challenges. Happy blogging my dear! Annette

    Liked by 1 person

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