Memoirs of the Innocent · Poetry

Loving Georgia

In the heart of your belly runs the river
that speaks of myths and fairy tales
Gushing towards your children
that spoke of your beauty and magic

Your heart beats as snow falls on you
enveloping your body and turning it to wonderland
You’ve got castles that stood the test of time
And Kings and Queens roaming in your memories

And now, you have a piece of me
Floating inside your veins, rushing to your heart,
I am now yours, at least that bit of me
Until I see you again, and I give you more of me




Can somebody take me back to Georgia!? I’m still hangover.


10 thoughts on “Loving Georgia

      1. lol I have not had a real vacation in years!!! I am in Eureka California USA though and I have the Pacific Ocean and the Redwoods just south of my town. So much beauty here….


      2. Ooohhh that sounds beautiful! Having the ocean as my morning view is the dream! I love the sea, water is my element. Go on and take a short vacay! It’s never too late. 🙂

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      3. LOL I can just drive there or take the local transportation a bus there….It is not a part of the Pacific that is safe to swim in but It has all the wonders of a beach and shells as well as starfish plus many other things. My aunt had a house right in the sand dunes that cover most of Somoa California….I loved the beach….But just about 6 blocks down the road from my house if the Bay it is a huge body of water that let’s boats go out to the ocean and back to port aka my town….it has beautiful boats and such and sea lions I go there and feed the birds….until they pooped on my head!!! Sea Gulls are famous for it! lol

        Last time I took a vacation it was to the wineries in Napa Valley….vineyards and wine and cheese! Country little inn’s with live plays and such…a real ritzy type of place. But, It was many years ago. The economy does not allow such things any more in my life…lol

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      4. Oooh my! That is amazing! I want to put on my swimsuit and swim from Abu dhabi to California hahahah.

        Wine and cheese! Georgia had those too!

        Well, life is a vacation already as long as we’re happy! 🙂

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    1. Really? Ohhh I fell in love with Georgia! ❤
      I'm gonna do a travel blog about my memories of Georgia. Such a beautiful country with beautiful people. I plan to go back there, that's how much I liked it. 🙂

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