Memoirs of the Innocent

Reminiscing Midnight Events

Sleep eludes me tonight and the more I try to calm my mind, the more the memories creep out. So many of the best events in my life happened on midnights and I find myself reminiscing the good old days.

That time when we, my friends, got drunk and started crying in the middle of the night. We all spoke the truth and we said our sorrys and declared our love for each other. We bid our goodbyes, fearing that night would be the last time we’d be completely gathered. We stayed up till 5 in the morning, hoping the sun will never rise to keep us from going on with our lives. That was a month before graduation. So much has changed now, looking back, I guess we were right, when will we be able to sit down again with all the familiar faces?

That time we went out to see a concert, but it rained and we all got wet. So we skip the whole thing and decided to drive for an hour to get to the beach, at midnight. We were pumped up with adrenaline, we were on a mission, go swimming, drunk and high with youth. As soon as we heard the waves, we jumped with shoes on. No regrets. That was one spontaneous night.

As it’s February, five years ago, one of the boys decided to surprise all us girls on Valentine’s day. Along with the other men in the group, he set-up our hangout place with flowers and chocolates. Who needed boyfriends when we had friends like those? Us girls never felt so much loved that night. That was the night we all realized our love for each other has gone beyond friendship, that night, we became family.

We had these spontaneous trips to the store across the house to buy pints of ice cream and have ice cream parties. We’d be staring at the clock wishing it had more time, but it was four in the morning and we still need to get to class the same day.

Another time, we met out for dinner but still wanted to go somewhere. We hop on the car, couldn’t decide where to go and ended up in the carnival. We got into the rides we could afford, because we realized a bit too late that we didn’t have enough cash with us. Some of us got dizzy, but we never forgot our crazy laughs that night.

I guess, I miss my friends back home. I haven’t seen them in 11 months. I would always wonder if I could ever find those kind of crazy people ever again in the path that I have chosen. So far, I haven’t met any, but this path has given me new friends I won’t be abe to replace too. It’s a decision I would never regret.


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