I am my name

You took my name away when you started calling me “love.” You branded me with your kisses, if you could, you would have stamped your name on me. You made me believe my entire being is for you. That I exist with the sole purpose of lusting every inch of you. Those eyes of yours never ceases to amaze me, for how can something be so beautiful but be so destructive at the same time?

You are my Everest, the summit I was able to conquer. That even though no one believed I could do it, I tried anyway. For once, you, were my greatest challenge. You had me hooked, the thrill got me blinded. You were the bad kind of andrenaline rush, the kind that makes people regret. But I conquered you, I reached my peak and was finally able to see the other side.

I’m taking my name back, the one that makes people remember of flowers and spring. For I am not “love,” I never was to you anyway. I exist to remind you that chains can be broken and damaged things can still shine. I am whole and complete, even if you took a piece of me because you do not define me.

I am taking my name back, the one that softly rolls in the mouth like sweet candies. I am free from you and I can be my own me again in a world that doesn’t include you anymore.


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