Three Bottles

Three Bottles
to remember and to forget


I took them out from the kitchen cupboard,
thinking that tonight will be the night I get floored
Each bottle has a distinct curve defining how they’re supposed to be served
I don’t give a damn; I’ll gulp each of them down

Jack was first, and I remembered you and me at our worst
I put its mouth to my lips, here’s to our love being on total eclipse
It burns inside me while filling all the voids you once occupied
Much like our emotions, it was young and neat
And like our love, the warmth disappears slowly
We never had the chance to rekindle it

The Goose was next, ah my favorite of the three
Its long neck cradled in my hand, it reminds me of our visits to the sea
Transparent and pure like the sound of waves we thought was our cure
Cheers to the dreams we wrecked and all the tears we shed
Its smooth flavor couldn’t wash the regrets and everything unsaid
We always thought we’d make it out, but we never did

Finally, I stared straight into the Sapphire’s bottle and its hue
It reminded me of your eyes, and everything that lies behind them
The flavor of spring spreads in my tongue; this is your favorite drink
And it fills me with memories of all the good times we shared
We’ll get through everything, we once declared
Maybe someday we can understand why we had to part


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