Speak up

The world has gone down in flames,
Not in a literal sense, but everyone knows
So much violence and we’re all to blame
How can we let the blood flow?

To be a doctor was what he wanted
Cure the sick and let them live
And now we’re all haunted
By an image we can’t forgive

She dreamt of skies and stars
A scientist was her aim
Now, all she’s left are scars
She can’t even remember her name

You and I, we did not speak
We closed our eyes and pretend
Because alone, we are weak
Gather round, it’s time for amends

Speak and let our voice be heard
This non-sense violence needs to stop
This has gone too far, it’s absurd
Together, we’ll let them drop

Let the children be children
Let them dream of tomorrows
Stop the blood shed and sorrows
They need to be free

War has never been the answer
Make way for peace
It’s not about religion
It’s about humanity

Today, I saw on the news another terrorist attack that killed students in Pakistan. This has to stop. We all need to speak up. So much blood has been shed, too many dreams has been broken. We can’t let the world go to waste. What will happen to the children of the future? It is unfair for people to live in constant fear. Speak up and say no to violence.


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