Note to Self

Note to Self: Of Letting Go Gracefully


Some circumstances are not meant to happen to you. Sometimes, they pass by you at a very close distance, so close you can almost touch it. But it doesn’t happen to you, no matter how much you wanted it.

They will always be the “what ifs” of your life. You need to understand that sometimes, walking away from these things is the best thing you can do to yourself. They might be your what ifs, but behind those lost chances are memories waiting to happen. When you’re too focused on something, you lose sight of what is around.

Make it a daily routine to take a step back, for a moment, remove yourself from the present and take a look at your life. Choose your battles wisely, some battles are meant to be just the way they are while some are worth fighting for. Make sure you save enough energy to win the battles meant for you.

Grab opportunities you think will open new doors and learn to let go of things gracefully.



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